Extension Registration Renewal Transfer
.com $15.09/year $15.49/year $15.09
.net $16.59/year $16.89/year $16.59
.org $16.89/year $17.29/year $16.89
.info $28.39/year $34.39/year $28.39
.eu $9.09/year $10.79/year $9.09
.biz $21.29/year $21.69/year $21.29
.de $9.99/year $12.59/year $9.99
.in $13.09/year $16.19/year $13.09
.com.au $10.79/year $10.79/year $10.79
.mn $60.89/year $63.89/year $60.89
.asia $17.79/year $21.89/year $17.79
.ca $20.39/year $25.09/year $20.39
.org.uk $10.89/year $13.49/year $10.89
.co.uk $10.89/year $13.49/year $10.89
.us $12.19/year $15.09/year $12.19
.co.in $10.89/year $13.89/year $10.89
.club $22.69/year $26.99/year $22.69

Why Become A Domain Reseller?

Why become a domain reseller?

By becoming a domain reseller, you will have the option to sell domains to your clients without all the hassle and paperwork associated with maintaining a domain selling service. Unlike other web hosting companies, opening a domain reseller account with us is free. More than 100,000 domains are sold every day, thus making domain reselling a very lucrative opportunity. Since domain name registration isn’t going away anytime soon, becoming a domain reseller may add a lot of value to your business model. With over 100 TLDs and ccTLDs available, including the latest as well as some international extensions, you will be sure to catch your client’s eyes. As a domain reseller, you will also have access to a comprehensive control panel and a powerful API that allows you to build a fully customized domain name registration experience for your clients. Start selling domains easily and quickly by doing the following:

  • Request your domain reseller account from the client area
  • Load funds to register domains (minimum $25)
  • Start registering domains—it’s that easy!

Free Features Included

100% Private Label


Scala Hosting offers you a 100% private label service that you can use to sell domains as an independent entity. You won’t have to worry about your clients tracing your service back to us.

Domain Reseller Accounts


Not only can you sell domain names, but you can also sell domain reseller accounts as well. Multiply your income flow by expanding your market share. Each of your domain reseller clients will get their own control panel that will allow them to sell domains easily.

Easy Management


We understand that client care should be a top priority at any company. All your clients will have their own user-friendly control panels which allow them to manage their newly purchased domains effortlessly.