Choose an SSL certificate and secure your web site

  • RapidSSL$30 / year
  • GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium$95 / year
  • GeoTrust True BusinessID$100 / year
  • GeoTrust True Business ID with EV$225 / year
  • GeoTrust True Business ID Wildcard$450 / year
  • RapidSSL Wildcard$149 / year
  • Symantec Secure Site$360 / year
  • Symantec Secure Site Pro$799 / year
  • Symantec Secure Site EV$799 / year
  • Symantec Secure Site Pro EV$1199 / year

What Is SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate

One of the most common questions our clients ask is “What is SSL?” SSL is a common name that is loosely used for both the transport layer security (TLS) and secure sockets layer (SSL) cryptographic protocols. SSL was the most popular protocol for communication security used on the web, and thus, the name is still used for the newer upgraded versions such as TLS as well. You don’t need to fully understand what SSL is to appreciate the benefits of owning an SSL certificate. It’s not uncommon for malicious users to try and “listen” to the communication between a client and your server with the intention to gather and steal data such as personal and credit card information. When this communication data is not encrypted, it is not safe, and your clients risk losing it. You can easily recognize whether a website is encrypted with SSL by looking at the address bar in your browser. If the web address starts with “https://,” then the website is encrypted; if it is just “http://,” then the site is not encrypted. For example, our website is encrypted, and your data is safe with us.

Many online users now understand the benefits of SSL certificates and prefer to browse the Web safely. If you own an online business that deals with sensitive client data, then it is strongly recommended that you purchase an SSL certificate, otherwise you might endanger your customers or even lose potential clients because of lack of trust. Now that you know what SSL is, you can proceed and choose a suitable SSL certificate for your needs. If your business is just starting out, then you may consider a cheaper option such as the RapidSSL by GeoTrust, which covers just one domain name and its corresponding www subdomain. If you are looking to encrypt more domains or impress your clients with the green address bar, you may consider a wildcard SSL or one of the extended validation (EV) SSL certificates. What is SSL if not the best first step toward improved security on your website? If you have any questions regarding your SSL purchase, don’t hesitate to contact our support team right away!

Additional SSL Features

SSL Features


SSL certificates are often slowly activated by many hosting companies, which leads to client frustration. We understand that you may want your newly purchased SSL certificate to start working right away, and that is why we offer your instant activation. Once your SSL registration is complete and your certificate is installed, your server client communication will become encrypted instantly.

FREE Installation


Other than knowing what is SSL and owning one, you also need to install it in order to have it running on your domain. Sometimes installing an SSL certificate may be troublesome and time-consuming when you are doing it yourself. If your website is hosted with us this will not be the case, as our skilled SSL experts will install your SSL certificate for you and for free. Purchase your SSL certificate today!

7 Day Money Back Guarantee


At Scala Hosting, we understand that unexpected circumstances or force majeure may change your mind about your purchase. If you want to cancel your SSL certificate within seven days of your purchase, we will return your money—no questions asked.